Pelicans at the Nahant Marsh B & B

The warm weather has lingered long this year at Nahant Marsh. Only recently have there been nights cold enough to frost the prairies and skim the waters surface with the most dainty skin of ice. Frost and ice which melted instantly at the first touch of morning sun.

The gold waiting just under the green has at last begun to show, although plenty of green remains. The autumn cannot be held back, however, so the remaining green will not last much longer. The sunrises are later, the sunsets earlier. Every day more gold blazes through.

And bird travelers are arriving. Nahant Marsh makes a welcome B & B, conveniently located along the Mississippi flyway, offering a rest stop and a meal to tired and hungry birds.

This autumn pelicans have dropped by. Hundreds have stopped to fuss with their feathers, catch a nap and fish with their characteristic “synchronized fishing” style. It is quite an event to watch a flotilla of pelicans dipping their long beaks in unison. It’s also quite a spectacle to watch one catch a fish so large that swallowing it seems wholly improbable.

The pelicans seem to manage though. In the air and on the water they are far more graceful than their size would imply. It is hard to say how long they will stay. As with all the birds, and all the days, you never know what you will see at any given time because it never stays the same.

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