Brief Season of Gold

Geese float on the still water of Nahant Marsh as the first autumn gold lights the trees.The all too brief season of gold is passing quickly. As the green of the past summer drains away, the brilliant yellows and oranges are revealed and light up the still lush, but fast fading leaves. Rushing headlong into autumn, the landscape glowing with the colors of flame and ember, the marsh will not long keep the vibrant hues.

Canada goose on water lit with soft autumn color


Already some trees have faded to brown, some have had their leaves stripped by autumn winds. Indeed, each gust of wind is full of leaves whirling down like rain. The blaze of color passes quickly. The prairies have their gold, too, and are full of seeds, many of them flying flags of silken fluff, riding the same breezes that are tearing down the leaves.

Geese fly over Nahant Marsh in autumn morning lightAs with every autumn, Nahant Marsh is an important rest stop along the Mississippi flyway. This bit of habitat surrounded by city has never failed to host a great many geese and other migrating waterfowl in all years I’ve visited. Flocks of geese come every year. All sorts of water loving birds come.

Waterfowl rest and feed on water bright with reflected fall colorsIn spite of the rail yard, the interstate highway, the heavy industry, every autumn they still come to rest awhile and feed. Each fine golden morning, flocks of travelers stop by the many watery channels and ponds of the marsh. Each gray rainy morning they are there, too.

Grays and silvery browns will soon replace the ember-bright colors of the brief season of gold. Already many of them have been cleared away as the leaves fall and the gold winks out like embers falling to ash. Winter is not far away. The last of the gold and the warm is passing.

Autumn gold at Nahant Marsh

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