Time Flies On By

YoungWoodDuckStretches2017sepTime flies on always, and life at Nahant Marsh has flowed on by as it always does. The summer has long passed, and the winter solstice is just days away. All the wood duck babies—those that survived anyway—have grown and gone on their way. The fall migration has mostly flown through, and so another  year is nearly gone.


Turtles&WoodDucksAtTheBeaverPond2017sepThe summer full of baby wood ducks gave way to a rich, warm and golden autumn full of many birds and wetland creatures. As ever, Nahant Marsh provided food and home for many, and the surprising variety of life changed against a colorfully changing backdrop of natural beauty. The marsh always changes, and is always beautiful. It is a close-to-home paradise on earth.

OldeUteTrail2jul2017But, although I watched the seasons ease by and the critters grow up, I never took the time to post the photos I took this season ’round. I wandered off a few times over this remarkable year, to visit other, different outdoor paradises. Walking the Old Ute trail across the Rocky Mountains at 12,000 feet was a long way and a completely different environment from the marsh.

Totality2017I also took time to position myself within the path of totality for the Great American eclipse. When the sun switched off, becoming a ring of brilliant silver fire, it was truly a completely different experience than anything I’ve ever done. I didn’t waste my 2 minutes 30 seconds in the shadow taking photos. A good eclipse photo is notoriously hard to make. I painted what it looked like instead.

Trumpeter swan at Nahant MarshBut, that is part of what keeps it surprising. I will keep going to my close-to-home outdoor paradise, beautiful and ever changing, Eden right outside the door. I’ll post the best of the photos to share  what was seen therewith anyone curious. All of them are of exactly what was in front of me in that moment. From time to time, though, I am likely to wander off. It seems pretty clear that Eden can be found all over this good planet if you go outdoors and take a close look around.

Mallards and green-winged teals at Nahant Marsh

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