Turtle Awakening

The warm days of early spring coaxed up  many of Nahant Marsh’s turtles. As the green of new growth came rising up from the earth, so too did the turtles come rising up from the cool mud of the ponds. During the stretch of unseasonably warm days, turtles of all sizes pulled their way up out of the water to soak up some warm sunshine and have a look about. Logs and branches throughout the marsh were topped with turtles awakened and enjoying the strengthening sunlight.

Indeed, the surface of the beaver pond is a popular place on fine spring days. New green reflects off the still water while ducks glide quietly on their own reflections. Turtles slowly work their way onto logs or branches or even other turtles, then they sit without moving much at all. They seem slow only until startled, when they can disappear in a flash. Especially the Blandings turtles, who always seem to be the first to dive off and the last to come back out.

Now that the spring has settled in, so too have some of the birds.

While several pairs of geese seem to be minding nests, other birds are still arriving, resting or passing through Nahant Marsh. The cranes have not yet moved on, although they (there seem to be two) are quieter now, and do not call as much as they did earlier in the season. If you spot a large, great blue heron sized bird is flying with its neck outstretched instead of neatly folded, that’s a crane. No doubt it is a good sign that the cranes have stayed on so far at Nahant Marsh.

Perhaps it is the beginnings of a magical spring. Before too long goslings will be out floating on the water like so many little fluff balls. There will be baby wood ducks, too. They will of course, have to look out for turtles.

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